Maintaining good oral health is more than just a nice smile. A healthy mouth plays an important role in your general health and overall wellbeing and can help protect your body by reducing the risk of some infections and diseases.

It’s important to visit the dentist for a check-up every 6 months.

Though AWAHS is a bulk-billed clinic, there are some dental services which incur a fee. In the case of a fee-based treatment, you will receive a quote upfront.

Health Care card holders will receive treatments at a subsidised cost.

Quotes are valid for 6 months. If it has been more than 6 months, you will need to come back to AWAHS for another examinations and quote.

Services that are bulk billed:

  • Routine examination
  • Check-ups
  • Fillings
  • X-rays
  • Extractions
  • Fissure sealants
  • Root canal treatment

 Services that incur a cost:

  • Dentures
  • Crowns
  • Splints
  • Mouth guards
  • Teeth whitening

Boorai Smiles Program

This program is for all Aboriginal and non-indigenous mothers who are pregnant. This allows you to receive dental treatment whilst having antenatal and post-birth care up until the child is 12 months old.

Payment plans are available.

Please note:

Due to an extensive dental waiting list, all dental appointments must be confirmed by 2:30pm the day prior to your appointment. Appointments that are not confirmed will be cancelled and offered to the next person on the wait list.