Administration at AWAHS is in operation clinic hours from 9-12:30 1-5pm week days.

Our Admin and Transport Team consist of:


Administration Officer

Our Administration Officer is responsible for various administrative tasks as required, as well as providing administrative support to the Paediatric and allied health teams and when necessary supporting the practice manager.


Chronic Disease Admin

Our chronic disease administrator builds rapport with clients and works alongside the chronic disease team ensuring that our patients with chronic diseases attend their appointments. If for whatever reason you miss the appointment our CD Admin will be productive with following you up and rebooking that appointment you missed. CD Admin will also liaise with your treating offsite specialist ensuring you are attending these appointments and organising transport if required. 


Dental Reception

Our dental receptionist helps to triage your dental issues and assist dental patients in receiving the dental treatment they require in a suitable timeframe due to their needs.

They are able to provide standard oral health advice and ensure your dental treatment is followed through until your treatment is completed.

They are also responsible for all dental administrative tasks. 


Reception Staff

Our reception staff here at AWAHS help community in providing them an appointment with an appropriate provider, they help liaise with any other internal / external appointments required and also provide community with any information they need to know in regards to the service.  



Our telephonist role is on a rotating roster. Our telephonist ensures all phone calls are answered and actioned to the best of their ability and if unable to help, to ensure the client that they are able to get the appropriate person to contact them back with the correct answers.


Transport Drivers

Our drivers here at AWAHS provide transport to those in our community that don’t have transport available to them, this ensures our community gets to their appointment. AWAHS also provides transport to specialist appointment if referred to that specialist by us our GP’s.



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86-90 Rowan Street


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