Chronic Disease

 Fiona Bradbury

Chronic Care Co-ordinator for the Integrated Team Care Program 

Fiona started in her position in May of 2013 and she brought with her, 23 years’ experience in nursing inclusive of 4 years’ experience in Chronic Disease. She is responsible for Chronic Disease Management and coordination of care for patients in the Integrated Team Care Program. Fiona loves working within Aboriginal health because it is very versatile and rewarding, plus she enjoys having the privilege of helping people achieve their health goals. In her spare time, She enjoys watching her beloved Collingwood football team play, listening to music and socialising with her friends.


 Megan Clayton

Aboriginal Chronic Disease Outreach Worker

Megan is the Chronic Disease Outreach Worker here at AWAHS and has been since 2014, having previously worked in Chronic Disease for over 8 years. She is responsible for transporting AWAHS Aboriginal Chronic clients to specialist appointments and also attending the appointments with them to help them understand what is discussed at these appointments. Megan is also involved in the promotion of chronic illness events such as Passport to Better Health, Heart week and Kidney health week. Megan loves her job here at AWAHS because she gets to meet and get to know community members and their families as well as being able to help the community with their health and well-being. In her spare time, Megan enjoys BBQ’s with her family and friends as well as watching the footy and V8’s.


Lynette Robertson

 Chronic Disease Nurse

Lyn has been working at AWAHS as a Chronic Disease Nurse since 2016 and brings with her many years experience working as an RN/MW/C&FHN in a small rural community prior to moving to Albury.  Lyn helps patients with chronic disease management. Ensuring that patients are reaching their health outcomes by providing ongoing support in their journey towards better health. Lyn love her job working in Aboriginal Health as it is very versatile and it is very rewarding in helping people achieve their health goals. Lyn likes spending time with her children and grandchildren, seeing a good movie, gardening and reading.



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