Many hands work to provide the high quality service’s that make up Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service. Staff bio’s are broken up in to the nine AWAHS teams.


Medical & Nursing




Visiting Specialist

Social & Emotional Wellbeing


Chronic Disease

Child & Family Health



David Noonan

David has been the CEO of AWAHS since September 2008, bringing with him over 15 years experience in management of community health services in NSW. David has his bachelor in social science with majors in psychology and criminology. David is responsible for management and functionality of AWAHS. David loves his job because he gets to work with the community and improve access to health services. In his spare time, David enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, reading and playing with his dogs, he also enjoys being outside with no shoes on.

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Karen Maidment

Karen is the Executive assistant to the CEO of AWAHS and has been since 2014. She works along side the CEO and is responsible for organizing the CEO’s documents, calendar and meetings. Karen loves her job here because she has a good working relationship with the CEO and loves working with the community and the staff here at AWAHS. In her spare time, Karen enjoys watching movies and motorbike riding with her husband.

Coorperate Services Manager

Sharryn Ward

Sharryn is AWAHS Cooperate Services Manager. Sharryn was previously the practice manager of AWAHS and has been since 2013. 

Sharryn has worked in health for 20 years, and loves her job because she has always strived to in her working life to find a place with people who really make a difference, and to think AWAHS does that for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Community of Albury Wodonga and surrounds. She enjoy working with accounts, payroll, IT and in Health and she gets that working here at AWAHS. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hold the same values about family that she was taught growing up and there are not many places of work that display this attribute. Working with the AWAHS team has taught Sharryn so many things about the culture of Aboriginal People that all Australians should be taught through their schooling years.
In Sharryn’s spare time she enjoys family time and Caravanning with her husband and little dog. On occasion she has been known to sew (for the grandchildren) and garden, but best of all having the time to play with the grandchildren is the best!

Program Manager

Catherine Coysh

Gunditjmara (Lake Condah)

Catherine has grown up within the Albury/Wodonga Community for most of her life. She has 14 years’ managerial experience in the Australian Public Service including Department of Human Service and National Disability Insurance Agency. Catherine has a Bachelor of Behavioral Science (Psychology) and an Honors in Psychology.
Catherine is heavily involved with the Wodonga Aboriginal Network, Wodonga Koorie Youth Network and the Albury/Wodonga NAIDOC Committee. Catherine was honored to receive the Fellowship of Indigenous Leadership (Emerging Leader) in 2018.
Catherine is passionate about self-determination and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Health and positive social environment promotion. She believes that the key to change is investing in the next generation – creating strong, proud identities.  Catherine is excited to work within her local community and assist the AWAHS team have a positive impact on local families lives.
Catherine loves spending time with family and friends, exploring the local country and surrounds. She is a mad AFL fan (go cats), a passion she has passed on to her daughters. Catherine also enjoys reading, watching a good Netflix series and eating good food (Fun Fact: She is yet to find a food she doesn’t like).

Clinical Manager

Lauren Blatchford

Lauren is our Clinic Manager which is a new position to AWAHS. Lauren is a Podiatrist and Credentialed Diabetes Educator with 12 years’ experience, whilst also working a various Universities teaching and as course coordinator.
Lauren loves her job as she is able to work with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and ensure services that are being provided are culturally appropriate and engaging for the community, and to assist in closing the gap. Lauren enjoys spending time with her family and 3 children. 

Senior General Practitioner

Dr Asm Asaduzzaman

Dr. Asad is the senior GP here at AWAHS and has been here since 2011, having worked as a doctor since 1998. Dr. Asad is responsible for looking after patients health issues as well as supervising our registrars and medical students and helps with the management of AWAHS. He loves his job because he is passionate about Aboriginal health and wants to help close the gap in Aboriginal health, he also loves all the staff he gets to work with and the local ATSI community. In his spare time, Dr. Asad like to pray, read and watch documentaries on various topics.

Office Manager

Caine Raudino

Wemba Wemba

Caine is our new office manager here at AWAHS and started in the role in December 2020.

Caine had  5 years experience in management and has also worked the past 10 years in the Not-for-Profit sector for Aboriginal organisations in Albury/Wodonga and South East Queensland in various roles including finance, team leader of corporate services and various community health programs, and also as a CEO.

Caine is responsible for ensuring himself, the reception/ administration and transport staff deliver a quality service for all clients and their families who access AWAHS.
Caine loves his job because he can come to work each day knowing what he does can have an influence on the betterment of one’s health and wellbeing. 

In Caine’s spare time he enjoys spending time with family & friends and going to the gym.


Medical & Nursing

General Practitioner

Dr Pat Giddings

Dr. Pat is a long serving GP here at AWAHS and has more than 10 years experience. Pat also works as a part time medical administrator with Albury Wodonga Health and RVTS and is a GP Obstetrician. Pat loves his job here at AWAHS because he gets to work with a great group of patients. In his spare time, Pat enjoys keeping fit by cycling at least 200 Ks a week.

General Practitioner

Dr Tess Goodwin

Tess is a GP Obstetrician here at AWAHS and has been since 2009, with over 10 years of experience, Tess also delivers babies at the Wodonga Hospital. She is responsible for general practice as well as AWAHS antenatal patients. Tess loves her job here at AWAHS because she is appreciative of what she does and can have a laugh with people, she also loves the team at AWAHS. In her spare time, Tess enjoys riding her horses and being an UBER mum for her children.

General Practitioner

Dr Leah Dunne

General Practitioner

Bryan Ngui

Bryan started with AWAHS in February 2020 but had previously been one of our GP Registrar’s in 2018. Bryan loves his job here as he gets to work with a culturally rich community and service in his spare time he enjoys Gardening, reading, sight seeing.

GP Registrar


Thushani is a registrar at awahs for year 2020. Thushani graduated in 2010, moved to Australia in 2013 and have been working in Albury-Wodonga health since 2015. Thushani has completed her Advanced Diploma in Obstetrics (DRANZCOG). She is responsible for the holistic care of our patients. Thushani loves working with patients to help them in the community, in her spare time she enjoys travelling and exploring the area and cooking/ baking new recipes.

GP Registrar

Salma Yasmin

Salma is one of our GP Registrar’s here at AWAHS. Salma has completed her M.B.B.S in Bangladesh. She has worked as a Hospital Medical officer at Albury Wodonga Health for 2 years After 2 years of experience in GP clinic in Melbourne, Salma returned to Albury Wodonga Region in 2019 to start my GP training in 2020.
Salma loves her job because As a GP I can not only help patient with their medical problems but also their psychosocial concern. My special interest in chronic disease management, Women’s Health and Aboriginal Health.
In Salma’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, travelling and cooking. 

GP Registrar

Olivia Tham

I started at AWAHS February this year. This will be my second year as a GP Registrar. I love my job because i get to meet and interact with so many amazing people. In my spare time i enjoy face-time with my dog in Malaysia.

GP Registrar

Jessica Lawford

Practice Nurse

Kylie Wagstaff

Kylie is the practice nurse here at AWAHS and has been with us since 2014, bringing with her experience in midwifery. She is responsible for day to day running of the clinic, helping the doctors and seeing patients as they present. Kylie loves her job here at AWAHS because it is different and interesting every day and she enjoys meeting people and seeing them along their journey towards better health. In her spare time, Kylie enjoys bushwalking, camping, seeing live music, good food and reading

Practice Nurse

Jodie Lucas

Jodie is one of the Practice Nurses here at AWAHS and has been with us since 2017. She has been a registered nurse for 25 years and has 20 years’ experience as a Midwife.
Jodie loves working at AWAHS as it’s a great place to work at and she really enjoys the people she gets to work with and her colleagues are also amazing. Jodie enjoys to read books, A LOT! In her spare time she loves to travel to new and amazing place and experience different cultures and see the big wide world.  

Practice Nurse/ Mens Health Nurse

Matthew Warry

Matt began working at AWAHS in May 2019 – He has 5 years’ experience in his profession. Matt loves his job at AWAHS as it’s rewarding, always interesting to meet such a wide variety of people. Can be challenging from time to time, but it’s what makes work fun. In his spare time he enjoys Bonsai, mountain biking, woodwork, camping, 4wding.

Registered Nurse

Rebecca Willis


Rebecca started working with us in October 2020. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Nursing. Rebecca will be working every Monday as our Practice Nurse and working on Wednesday as our Chronic Disease Nurse. 

Rebecca loves her job as she is able to help her community with their health concerns and be a part of the bigger picture. She loves being apart of the community. In Rebecca’s spare time she enjoys being with her kids, family, walking and reading. 


Kathryn Preston

Kate is the midwife here at AWAHS and has been since 2015. Kate studied her midwifery in the UK and has previously worked with the Royal Women’s Hospital and also worked within the community midwife program in Wangaratta. She is responsible for providing antenatal care and support to our clients. Kate loves her job because of the diversity and challenges and because making mums and bubs healthy is really important to her. In her spare time, Kate enjoys the outdoors, swimming, being with her kids, cooking and reading.

Aboriginal Health Practitioner Clinical

Kim Moffitt


Kim is our Aboriginal Health Practitioner here at AWAHS and has been with us since 2019.
Kim loves her job as an Aboriginal Health Practitioner at AWAHS because she is very passionate about health care, especially for her people. From a very young age she developed a lifelong ambition to work in health. Kim started her career in public hospitals over 30 years ago, working her way through various non-clinical roles and then clinical roles, which is where she feels most satisfied. In 2012, she started to work in Aboriginal Health and she undertook several non-clinical roles as an Aboriginal Health Worker in North East Victoria. During this time Kim felt the need to once again move into a clinical role and she worked towards a qualification that allowed her to provide high quality, culturally safe clinical care services for her community in the current position with AWAHS.
Kim enjoys doing home renovations, indoor gardening and being around her mob and listening to her Grandmother tell her old stories.

Casual Practice Nurse

Nathan Murray

Nathan is our casual Practice Nurse who works full time as a Paramedic in Wodonga and has being assisting at AWAHS since mid-2018. Nathan grew up in the Albury-Wodonga area and has been nursing for over 12 years, spending 8 years in central Western Australia working for Ngangganawili Aboriginal Health Service at a remote boarding school community. Nathan has a passion for seeing young Aboriginal people succeed and enjoys mentoring them to reach their goals and make positive life changing choices. Nathan enjoys his time at AWAHS as he gets to connect with our local people, who at times he looks after as a Paramedic. Nathan is the father of three young boys and in his spare time you will find him playing music, hobby farming, camping, four wheel driving and building things in the shed.



Rohan Jayachandran

Rohan started permanent employment with AWAHS in 2018 and brings over 10 years of working experience to this role. He spends his working week shuttling between AWAHS (Wednesday-Friday) and a local private practice. He loves his job here at AWAHS because it’s a great place to work and to share the common goal amongst fellow practitioners of closing the gap in health and improving outcomes for our Indigenous community. As a dentist here he is in a position to help/advise or heal oral health conditions that are prevalent in our community. Dentistry is a tough medical profession to be a part of because of the anxiety and fear associated with dental treatment but despite the challenges faced, Rohan finds it rewarding when his patients walk away happier and less anxious than when they walked in. Rohan’s spare time is divided between playing with his little son and loving the speed, thrill and the soul gratifying sensations of riding his motorcycles on the road, on the racetrack or exploring dirt trails in the bush!!

Venu Kugathasan

Dental Assistant

Lisa Moodie


Lisa is our dental assistant here at AWAHS since 2019.

Lisa loves being a part of the AWAHS team working together in helping people in pain and general health. Meeting new and regular patients is also great .Variety in the dental field is interesting as every day is completely different procedures. Bottom line is to help our patients for their best health and wellbeing, making sure all patients are safe and comfortable in the dental chair. With a few laughs and smiles too.
Outside of work Lisa loves her fitness, she’s a qualified personal trainer and works with these clients after work or on a Saturday morning. When she’s not working or training, Lisa spends a lot of time with her partner, her children and the grandchildren. Oh and can’t forget Brinkley her Golden Retriever. 



Leanne Rule


Leanne is the Administration Officer here at AWAHS and has been working here on and off since 2009. She is responsible for various administration tasks, as required, as well as providing administration support to the paediatric and allied health teams. Leanne loves coming to work every day because she feels like the work she does on a daily basis makes a difference in the community, also because she works with great people at an organisation with integrity. In her spare time, Leanne enjoys going shopping, socialising and spending time with her family.

Chronic Disease Administration

Ashleigh Ballard


Ashleigh is one of the Administration Receptionist here at AWAHS and has been with us since 2016. She is responsible for booking appointments and transport for patients as well as communicating with other medical services and booking specialist appointments. Ashleigh loves her job here at AWAHS because the people here are great and make her feel like she’s a part of something and they appreciate what she does, she also enjoys meeting people from the community. In her spare time, Ashleigh enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Casual Administration / Dental Receptionist

Chelsea Maher


Chelsea is one of our casual admin staff and has  2 years experience in a dental/ medical administration and dental assisting. Chelsea is originally from Narrandera. Chelsea loves her job as she has a passion for ATSI Health and love being able to play a part in ensuring our people stay on top of their Oral Health issues and are educated regarding their Oral Health. She loves seeing a client walk out feeling cleaner, happier and more confident with their teeth after an Oral Cleanse. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family is her favourite thing to do, especially all of her nieces and nephews, her brother, sisters, parents and partner. 

Casual Administration Receptionist

Rose Kirby

Gunggari & Wiradjuri

Rose started working at AWAHS in January 2021. Rose has decided it was time for a career change. Rose loves her job because she is surrounded by community. In Rose’s spare time she enjoys making art.

Casual Administration Receptionist

Xeina Parker

I started working as an Administration receptionist at AWAHS at the start of February 2021. I’ve had around about a years experience in administration work.

I love my job because. It doesn’t involve lifting banana boxes (I came from a retail job). Also everyone has been lovely and welcoming.

In my spare time I enjoy Playing clarinet, Warhammer painting and gaming, and going to the movies.

Work Health and Safety Coordinator

Chelsea Driver

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Coordinator

Sue Fruend

Sue is our Continuous Quality Improvement Coordinator here at AWAHS and has just recently started working with us from the start of June 2020. Over 20 years Sue has experience in Quality Assurance, Regulatory Compliance and Continuous Improvement roles.
Sue loves her job because CQI in Health Service is very dynamic and this makes her job really exciting, highly interesting and very rewarding. It supports Sue to achieve her personal work goals of each day adding value; learning something new and having fun.
In Sue’s spare time she enjoys Books (novels), music (hard rock), sport spectating (except for golf, she watches most sports) and seeing her family (especially her nieces and nephews). 

I started at AWAHS just recently in February 2021. I have roughly a year and a half experience in my current role.

I love my job because I am passionate about the work health and safety within the Aboriginal community.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, fishing and traveling.


Transport Driver Coordinator

Maree Chatfield


Maree is one of the Transport Driver’s here at AWAHS and has been with us since 2009. Also back’s up reception and administration as transport is limited at this COVID time. She has various duties in the transport, reception and administration areas. Constantly updating client’s details, booking client transport to AWAHS and off site for specialist appointments for better health outcomes for families and the community.

Maree enjoys her roles here at AWAHS because she gets to work with a variety of clients and enjoys interacting with other staff members in a great work environment. In her spare time, Maree enjoys gardening, reading and outdoor activities.

Transport Driver

Phil Murray

Yorta Yorta

Phil is a Transport Driver here at AWAHS and has been since 2013, having previously worked at a Bus Driver and Truck Driver. He is responsible for transporting clients to and from appointments, picking up and dropping off the mail and linen as well as keeping the AWAHS vehicles in good condition. Phil loves his job here at AWAHS because of the great people he works with. In his spare time, Phil enjoys doing woodwork, creating artefacts.

Transport Driver

Tammy Murray


Tammy is a transport driver here at AWAHS and has been with is since 2015. She is responsible for picking up and dropping off patients. Tammy loves her job here at AWAHS because she enjoys working with and giving back to her community. In her spare time, Tammy enjoys listening to music.


Casual Transport Driver

Richard Kennedy

Ngiyampaa Wongaibon

Richard is one of our casual transport drivers and started driving with us in February 2020. Richard loves his job because he loves meeting new clients and having a yarn. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, camping, sports and catching up with the mob. 

Social & Emotional Wellbeing

Community Health Counsellor/AOD Counsellor

Yvonne Nichol

Yvonne is the Community Health Counsellor and AOD Counsellor here at AWAHS and has been since 2015, previously having spent 7 years at St. David’s Care. She is responsible for helping people work through things that have happened in their lives and teaching them ways to deal with things and find answers within themselves to help them move forward in life. Yvonne loves her job because she gets a chance to assist people in changing their lives for the better. In her spare time, Yvonne enjoys reading, music, sport, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.

Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Support Worker

Cassie Denniss


Cassie Denniss is AWAHS Drug and Alcohol support worker. New to the role Cassie brings her exceptional customer service skills and experience from her previous roles at AWAHS in transport services and in administration and reception. Cassie is currently studying certificate IV in Community Services. Responsible for case management of clients with AOD issues through education and support Cassie enjoys working at AWAHS as she gets to help and support the community while reconnecting to culture. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends.

BTH Support Worker

Lyn Allen


With 13 years previous experience in BTH and helping people obtain their Confirmations and family ties, Lyn believes in helping people reconnect to country and families. She loves her job because she gets to speak to people in all walks of life and help connect people to families

Lyn’s enjoys Fishing, walking on country and just enjoying nature.

Cultural Advisor

Sam Wickman


Sam is our Cultural Advisor here at AWAHS and has been with us since 2019, having experience his whole life. Sam loves his job here at AWAHS because it’s given him the opportunity to pass on cultural knowledge to both young people and mature members of staff here and this what I love to do.  Additionally meeting and talking with a cross representation of Aboriginal society and indeed the broader community is very much a passion of mine. In his spare time, Sam loves being in the bush when he can and he likes spending time with his family.  Sam really loved to be in his studio with his family and friends working on art projects and sharing ideas.

Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Support Worker

Stephanie Baker

‘Stephanie baker is an AWAHS Drug and Alcohol Support Worker and started with us in January. Stephanie has completed a Certificate IV in Community Services, and is currently studying Certificate IV in Mental Health. Stephanie has a passion for empowering community, and individuals to achieve their goals with a holistic approach. Stephanie prides herself on making each client journey personal and working with the clients to achieving their goals. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys studying, being creative and focusing on mindfulness.

Aboriginal Health Promotion Worker

Brittany Wright


Brittany is our Aboriginal Health Promotions Worker here at AWAHS since April 2020. Before that Brittany was in our administration team since 2016 as a trainee and completed her Cert III & Cert IV in Business & Diploma in Leadership. She is now responsible for promoting and developing projects and programs that enhance the community’s understanding of Health issues. Raise awareness of Aboriginal Health issues and advocate for best practice approaches amongst agencies. Provide community education, awareness and prevention programs in Health. Work with the community to develop and implement a range of activities to promote better health for the community. Work collaboratively with other service providers to develop and implement cultural understanding within health staff’s work practices. Brittany enjoys the role she’s in as she feels a purpose in coming to work and being able to have an impact on individual’s life choices. Brittany loves spending time with her family and friends, going to the gym and getting outdoors and being productive on a weekend.   

Wangaratta Drug and Alcohol Counsellor

Dianne Hogan

Dianne started working at AWAHS in October 2019. Dianne’s experience in her current position or field has been 2 years as a counsellor (5 years as a Social Worker)

She loves her job as she loves building new genuine connections with people from all walks of life and experiences, groups and communities, to hear people’s life stories of resilience, helping people to find strength in themselves and community. In Dianne’s spare time she loves watching movies/reading a book/ doing diamond dot art.

Wangaratta Aboriginal Mental Health Worker

Akayla Stone


Akayla started with AWAHS in September 2020. Akayla has previously worked at Kerferd in the acute Psychiatric Inpatient Unit, she has worked at Kerferd for three years as an Psychiatric Nurse in which she has enjoyed and found both challenging and rewarding. Akayala loves her job because she loves helping those in need offering my expertise.
In her spare time she loves to spend time with her little boy and go to the gym.  

Men's Shed Co-ordinator

Richard Kennedy

Ngiyampaa Wongaibon

Richard has just started in our NEW Men’s Shed Co-Ordinator role, 2 days a week. He is also one of our casual transport drivers and started driving with us in February 2020. Richard loves his job because he loves meeting new clients and having a yarn. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, camping, sports and catching up with the mob. 

Aboriginal Mental Health Worker

Sophie Maher


Sophie grew up in Narrandera with all her mob. Sophie and her family has recently moved to Albury to be with family, before moving to Albury she was living in Griffith NSW for 3 years. Sophie have previously worked for GAMS as a AOD worker and SEWB support worker.
Sophie is interested in all sports football (rugby league) is her favourite, she has been a team member with different clubs from the age of 12.
Her goal in life is to give her boys the best life possible and make sure they strive in anything they want to become and live her dream as a health worker in any section of health or medical with Aboriginal clients. 

Chronic Disease

Integrated Team Care Coordinator

Fiona Bradbury

Fiona started in her position in May of 2013 and she brought with her, 23 years’ experience in nursing inclusive of 4 years’ experience in Chronic Disease. She is responsible for Chronic Disease Management and coordination of care for patients in the Integrated Team Care Program. Fiona loves working within Aboriginal health because it is very versatile and rewarding, plus she enjoys having the privilege of helping people achieve their health goals. In her spare time, She enjoys watching her beloved Collingwood football team play, listening to music and socialising with her friends.

Aboriginal Chronic Disease Outreach Worker

Megan Clayton


Megan is the Chronic Disease Outreach Worker here at AWAHS and has been since 2014, having previously worked in Chronic Disease for over 8 years. She is responsible for transporting AWAHS Aboriginal Chronic clients to specialist appointments and also attending the appointments with them to help them understand what is discussed at these appointments. Megan is also involved in the promotion of chronic illness events such as Passport to Better Health, Heart week and Kidney health week. Megan loves her job here at AWAHS because she gets to meet and get to know community members and their families as well as being able to help the community with their health and well-being. In her spare time, Megan enjoys BBQ’s with her family and friends as well as watching the footy and V8’s.

Chronic Disease Nurse

Lynette Robertson

Lyn has been working at AWAHS as a Chronic Disease Nurse since 2016 and brings with her many years experience working as an RN/MW/C&FHN in a small rural community prior to moving to Albury. Lyn helps patients with chronic disease management. Ensuring that patients are reaching their health outcomes by providing ongoing support in their journey towards better health. Lyn love her job working in Aboriginal Health as it is very versatile and it is very rewarding in helping people achieve their health goals. Lyn likes spending time with her children and grandchildren, seeing a good movie, gardening and reading.

Chronic Disease Nurse

Rebecca Willis


Rebecca started working with us in October 2020. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Nursing. Rebecca will be working every Monday as our Practice Nurse and working on Wednesday as our Chronic Disease Nurse. 

Rebecca loves her job as she is able to help her community with their health concerns and be a part of the bigger picture. She loves being apart of the community. In Rebecca’s spare time she enjoys being with her kids, family, walking and reading. 

Child & Family Health

Child & Family Health Nurse

Nicole Rootsey

Nicole is a Child and Family Health Nurse and Midwife, who also works as the Team Leader for the Child and Family Health and Midwifery team at AWAHS. Nicole loves her role at AWAHS as she gets to work with parents and carers so they can help their children reach their full potential and support them in their parenting role. Nicole provides health checks, immunisations and health education for families. Nicole loves working and learning alongside the team and community that is AWAHS and feels she has scored the best job ever working with the youngest members of the AWAHS community. In her spare time Nicole loves being outdoors, hanging out with friends and family and riding her bike.

Child & Family Health Nurse

Paula Harrison

Paula is the Child & Family Health Nurse here at AWAHS and has been here since 2013. Prior to starting at AWAHS, Paula spent 12 years working in a remote Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land and has been a registered nurse since 1995. Paula works with families with children under 5 years of age, providing health checks, immunisations and parent education as well as social & emotional support. Paula loves her job here at AWAHS because she loves working in Aboriginal health and with children and “it is an amazing feeling to help families reach their full potential”. In her spare time, Paula enjoys spending time with her 2 sons.

Aboriginal Child & Family Health Outreach Worker

Jocelyn Wright


Jocelyn is the Aboriginal Child & Family Health Outreach worker here at AWAHS and has been here since 2013, she is qualified in Community Services and Case Management. She is responsible for all post-natal social support with the family, always being at the centre of their journey, working alongside Nicole and Paula, the Child and Family Health nurses. An important part of her role, is attending home visits with the nurses to check on newborns and children in the community and also running the Boorai Bundles, mums and bubs group. Also supporting family at risk of, or involved with child protection. Jocelyn loves her job here at AWAHS because she has the chance to help families make positive changes in their lives to move forward. In her spare time, Jocelyn enjoys spending time with her family & friends, having people over for BBQ’s and dinners, camping, reading, knitting and shopping.


Karina Chaves

Karina started working at AWAHS in 2014, Graduated from Medical Training in 2001 in Melbourne and completed training at the Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Medical Centre afterwards. Karina loves her job because she enjoys meeting new families both big and small at AWAHS. She enjoys playing with kids and can sometimes get carried away! In Karina’s spare time she loves being outdoors, riding horses, playing music and drawing. She also enjoy hanging out with her own kids. Being a parent can also be a challenge!

Child & Family Health Nurse

Kayleen Donaldson

Aboriginal Child & Family Health Outreach Worker (Wodonga)

Teala Carey


Teala is one of our family support worker here at AWAHS and started working in her role in December 2020. 
Prior to working with AWAHS, she had worked as an Administrative officer in a children’s service for 3 years, working alongside families/carers and their children.
Teala loves her job because  she loves supporting families within the community she lives in, and it is something she is highly passionate about. Teala loves seeing families reach their full potential, and for parents/carers and their children live happy and healthy lives.
In Teala’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, particularly her two young boys. They enjoy spending time outdoors whether it be having friends and family over for dinners, camping or swimming.

Allied Health

Occupational Therapist

Anna Hession

2012. She graduated in Melbourne in 1990 so a veteran of 30 years. Anna loves her job as , she loves the garden and the birds around the building. AWAHS staff are awesome! In her spare time she loves to read, bush walk, ride her bike (and no Nicole it’s not a motor!She loves travelling and camping and working on her garden. Anna does quilt and have just discovered loom knitting!
Speech Pathologist

Edwina Ventress

Edwina has been at AWAHS since 2011 as their Children’s Speech Pathologist.  She is one of the Kids Team and works on Monday and Wednesdays.
Edwina supports families and carers when they have concerns about their child’s communication. She can help figure out why their child might be having difficulties.
Children who have challenges with their talking and understanding of language, speech sounds, voice quality or stuttering can be supported by a Speech Pathologist. She also supports children who have difficulties with social skills or at school. Edwina can also support families who have concerns about the way their child eats.
Edwina loves working at AWAHS because she can work with children and their families in a culturally safe place. She loves hearing about a child’s strengths and empowering families to help develop their child’s learning. Edwina is passionate about storytelling, books and literacy. She has set up the AWAHS Take Away Book Shop  and has been involved with the promotion of literacy for children in the AWAHS community over the years. 


Joel Harris

Joel started working at AWAHS back in February 2012. Joel’s had 9 years’ experience at AWAHS treating all age groups. Previously he was psychologist for NSW and Victorian education departments from 1997 to 2015. He has been in private practice since 2005 treating all age groups with special interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Every day Joel gets to work with wonderful dedicated people in the service of this community’s health needs. The sense of collaboration and compassion among staff in providing this service keeps it strong and vital. Providing mental health support and treatment to the community with the Super SEWB Team and doctors of AWAHS keeps every day interesting. In Joel’s spare time he loves riding his bikes (pushys’, not Harleys’) around the hills to coffee spots and talking to mates. He also likes to have a slide on the snow when he can too.

Susie Summons

Susie is the Dietitian here at AWAHS and has been since 2010, bringing over 20 years of experience with her having previously worked with remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. She is responsible for anything to do with food and health. Susie loves her job here at AWAHS because she loves the community and relationships she has been able to form with people over the years, she also loves being able to make a contribution. In her spare time, Susie enjoys spending time with her children at the park.

Diabetes Educator

Gaynor Paxton

Gaynor began working at Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service in 2019 and have recently returned to work with people who have diabetes and their family members to provide self-management education, play a major role in empowering people to live well with diabetes and aim to prevent diabetes related complications. She began as a diabetes educator in 1996 as a nurse educator became Credentialled Diabetes Educator in 2004 over 20 years of experience. Gaynor loves her role as it involves empowering people to live well with diabetes. In Gaynor’s spare time she enjoys cooking for her family and friends, gardening, walking by the river or in the bush with her golden retriever Ruby.

Kylie Whitehead


Kylie is one of our new pups here at AWAHS and commenced in August 2020.

Kylie graduated from CSU in 2017, and has been working for nearly 3 years for a local company Icaria Health.

She loves her job because she is able to work with a wide range of people from all backgrounds, and help them achieve their goals and gain a better quality of life J Kylie also loves getting to know the people she works with and listen to their stories and learn from them.

In her spare time she enjoys lawn bowls (an old lady at heart), exercising and exploring the beautiful country we live in, spending time with friends and family, and eating any kind of delicious food.



Cate Melville

Cate started working at AWAHS in 2019. Cate has 12 years experience within her role. She loves her job because she get’s to help people every day! Most of the time people come into her room with something that is sore and leave without that pain. Its really nice to help people that way.

In her spare time she enjoys being with her family, cooking, weaving – this is a new hobby since working at AWAHS. Cate feels very lucky to have learnt how to do it, and trying to win a hockey grand final (she is determined this year will be the year – we can’t lose four in a row!)

Visiting Specialist


Kristin Barrett

Kristin Barrett is our Psychiatrist here at AWAHS. Kristin works at our service twice a month and has been with us since 2017. She is responsible for assessing and treating those patients with mental health issues. Kristin loves her job as she gets to hear peoples stories and she’s able to join them on their journey to getting well. Kristin’s enjoys walking her dogs and spending time with her family when she’s not consulting. 

Renal Physician

Annabel Martin