AWAHS Constitution

AWAHS is governed by a community board that is bound by the AWAHS Constitution through the Department of Fair Trading NSW. For further information click link below for “AWAHS Constitution” document.

AWAHS Constitution 



Who Can Attend the Service

Whilst we are aware that other services treat this issue differently, this is the position that AWAHS have taken in relation to who can attend the service.


Definition: “Nuclear Family”- A partner, a wife/mother, a husband/father, and the dependent children living under the same roof.

Who is Eligible to Attend the Service?

Click Here!  Who Can Attend AWAHS Policy & Procedure



“Our mission is to provide and improve health outcomes for our local Aboriginal community with a range of culturally appropriate, flexible, reliable, professional and viable health and well being services, to strengthen, nurture, enhance and maintain the overall quality of life of our community members.”



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